Shout out for... Charlotte Léonard-Tessier

By Équipe FLY


Today, we introduce you to an amazing hard-working girl that joined FLY Experience six years ago.

Q : Since when are you working at FLY Experience ?

A : This summer will be my sixth year. Time flies when you are having fun.

Q : What role are you playing right now in this summer camp ?

A : It is my 3rd year as the Operations Coordinator and I love it! I am in charge of all school activities, overseeing day to day operations of the Campus, coaching the counselors and mostly, ensuring our students’ well-being.

Q : Could you share with us one of your best memories ?

A : All my summers at FLY Experience make a mosaic of good memories. The feeling of being part of a big family is what I like the most. The complicity between the students and our staff is one of FLY’s biggest assets. Though we organize breathtaking activities, it is certainly the people involved that make the difference.

Q : What is your funniest memory of FLY Experience ?

A : It was during an outing at the Resort of Mont Tremblant. We all went kayaking at the end of a sunny day. After sailing the lake, we decided to relax for a while and enjoy the landscape. A huge water fight started out of a sudden. Our kayaks were moving and we all ended up falling in the lake laughing our heart out.

Q : What is your favourite aspect of FLY Experience ?

A : Teamwork and the intensity of the experience. We live, learn and discover together Quebec in a high-speed mode.

Q : Can you give us two words that describe you ?

A : Hard work and commitment. I am very passionate about what I do at FLY.

Thank you very much Charlotte!

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