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Our Mission

Fly Experience is a duly constituted corporation whose mission is to foster the wide-ranging influence of multiculturalism and of the unique francophone reality of Quebec through the education of young people originating from any and all countries in the world, thus increasing their ability to face the cultural, economic and ecological realities of the 21st century.

Fly Experience's second purpose is to ensure that Montreal eventually becomes a recognized centre of linguistic tourism, by offering innovative teaching activities and by showcasing Montreal's safe and welcoming environment as well as its love of life.

Finally, Fly Experience also intends that its efforts and the profits resulting therefrom benefit directly to those Quebec children living in underprivileged neighbourhoods, by giving them access to the only true wealth in our post-modern world: knowledge. 

Fly Experience is committed to sharing a large part of its annual profits to the following organizations:


Our language programs

Ages: 10-12 Fly Junior International language school
English or French summer camp Montréal, Québec, Canada
Ages: 13-19 Fly Total & CIT Language immersion for teenagers English or French summer program Montréal, Québec, Canada
Ages: 13-17 Fly Tremblant International language adventure
Total French immersion for teens Mont-Tremblant, Québec, Canada
Ages: 13-19 Fly Winter Language immersion winter camp French or English courses Montréal & Tremblant, Canada

Étudiants du Québec, visitez la zone ExperienceFly pour nos expériences internationales en espagnol, anglais, français et mandarin.